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9780002008860 Book - Survive - Les Stroud

Book - Survive - Les Stroud


Book - Survive - Les Stroud

Item#: 9780002008860

Brand: National


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This book will show you how

WATER: how to find water anywhere, including how toget it from a stone.

SHELTER: the 5 Ws of building a shelter: Water, wiggles, wood, weather and

avoiding Widow-makers (falling trees)

FOOD: top three edible plants and creatures for every region.

SIGNALLING:the latest technologies and tried and true methods to get you noticed fast.

PHYCHOLOGY: tips and tricks for developing a strong survivalist mentality that will keep you going.

SURVIVAL KITS: what to take wherever you go andwhy you should make your own kit.

SKILLS: how to use what you've got on hand to make snares, traps, tools and clothing.

DANGERS: avoiding predators large and smalland defending yourself against them.