776140009301 Knife Kit- U Make It Original

Knife Kit- U Make It Original

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Knife Kit- U Make It Original

Item#: 776140009301

Brand: Grohmann


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The name Grohmann typically does not mean much to outdoorsmen outside of Canada,but here in the north it is a common household word to mostsportsmen, much like Buck or Gerber in the U.S. That is ourgood fortune, as this little company makes and sells some of the best outdoors knives that money can buy.

Over the years they have come up with a full line of knives, but this review is aboutthe original design. It has been known as the D.H Russell Belt Knife or the Canadian Belt Knife; however, its official designation is now the Grohmann #1.

The story of the Grohmann #1 began before the Second World War with a commercial buyer from Quebec, who would travel to Czechoslovakia every year to buy pocket knives. He would often urge the plant manager, Rudolph Grohmann, to come to Canada. After the end of the war Grohmann decided to accept the invitation.

His knife making career gotoffto a slow start, but eventually he got his big break. Agovernment official named D.H. Russell got tired of seeing only imported knives in stores and teamed up with Grohmann to design a unique knife that could be made in Canada.

They gave out the prototypes to trappers and guides across the north and made changes at their suggestions. In 1957, they ended up withwhat became the #1.

For its time the design was a revolutionary departure.The knife won many awards worldwide and there is evenone ondisplay at the Smithsonian Institution. The #1's design hasbeen widely copied. Knives from Alaska, Cold Steel, Browning and others have borrowed this design, but the Grohmann is the original.


  • Blade dimensions: 4" long, 1" deep, made from 1/8" stock.
  • Overall length: 8 "
  • Blade style: Elliptical
  • Blade material: 4110 (stainless) or C70 (Carbon)
  • Handle type:Offset
  • Handle material:Rosewood