707708317675 Traverse Survival Kit

Traverse Survival Kit

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Traverse Survival Kit

Item#: 707708317675

Brand: Adventure Medical Kits


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  • Stay Hydrated
    Each water purification tablet and folding 1-liter water bag will hold and purify up to 1 liter of water.
  • Stay Warm
    Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Blanket reflects 90% of radiated body heat and stretched up to 650% without being torn.
  • Start Campfires and Camp Stoves
    Fire LiteTM striker is waterproof and tested to produce over 5,000 sparks. Tinder QuikTM burns up to two minutes, even when wet.

Be Heard
Broadcast your location upto one mile away with the 100dB Mini Slim Rescue HowlerTM pea-less whistle